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Maximize uptime and full customer service are the two most indispensable things an organization who wants to host a website or an web application.

Our shared hosting services are offered to customers with state of the art technology, secure servers and backed by fanatical support.

Domain and Hosting Service by Tagen InfoSolutions, IT Company, Pune

What is Web Hosting?

Facilitating in India is otherwise called Website Hosting or Web Hosting. It is a fundamentally leasing of server space and transmission capacity with the goal that you can keep up your records for your sites through a Website Hosting Company. Facilitating can be either Linux Web Hosting or Windows Hosting. Clients and associations can store all their critical data, pictures or other substance on the server. In straightforward words Web Hosting in India is similar to leasing a space on a PC which would hold all the data of your site.

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What is Domain Name?

PCs convey by utilizing numbers, called IP locations, to contact one another, much like you utilize a telephone number to dial a particular individual's telephone. Domain names on the web are much like sections in a telephone directory. The telephone directory tells individuals searching for a business what the entrances are generally as a domain tells individuals (i.e. their PCs) that an area is facilitated on the server.

Without a domain, you would need to tell your clients that your site is situated at a brief url, for example, as opposed to utilizing a domain name, for example,, making your site seem amateurish and unrealistic.

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